Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training

“The hands are the most formative, the most permeable of our organic limbs. They can change very much in the course of life.
Soul and spirit that permeate them in training them, do not only form them but flow beyond them into the world as objective power of love, as blessing, as healing forces.”
— Margarethe Hauschka, MD
The Rhythmical Massage Therapy training is for practitioners who seek to enhance their massage skills through a knowledge of anthroposophy. Anthroposophy is a spiritual-scientific path of knowledge and self-transformation founded by the Austrian philosopher, Rudolf Steiner. The curriculum weaves a comprehensive study of the human being with massage practice, movement exercises, observation of nature, and artistic explorations.

Through the training, students will refine their ability to perceive phenomena, listen with their hands to subtle rhythms of the body, and engage the elements, the ethers and the inherent healing forces in the human being.

Areas of Practical Application


  • Effleurage/Gliding and Variations
  • Petrissage/Kneading and Variations
  • Counter-Circles and Variations
  • Warming Circles and Variations
  • Lemniscates and Variations
  • Frictions
  • Pine Tree
  • Organ Treatments: Liver, Spleen, Heart, Kidney, Bladder
  • Rhythmical Einreibungen
  • Pentagram Treatment


  • The Face
  • Basic Back
  • Neck Diversion
  • Asthma
  • Arms Up
  • Arms Down
  • The Hand
  • Sciatica
  • Abdomen
  • The Hip
  • The Knee
  • Legs Prone
  • Legs Supine
  • Calves Breathing & Calves Down
  • The Foot
  • Areas of Study


  • Embryology
  • Four-Fold Studies: Elements, Ethers, Kingdoms of Nature, Four-Fold Human Being
  • Three-Fold Studies: Three-Fold Plant, Tria Principia, Functional Systems of the Human Being (Nerve-Sense System, Rhythmic System, Metabolic-Limb System), Soul Forces (Thinking, Feeling, Willing)
  • Seven-Fold Studies: Life Processes, Learning Processes, Planets, Organ Systems, Metals
  • Twelve-Fold Studies: Senses, World Views, Constellations
  • Polarities in Health and Illness: Anabolism & Catabolism and Inflammation & Sclerosis
  • Goethean Observation
  • Phenomenological Observations & Exercises
  • Tactile Explorations


  • Developing Illness Pictures
  • Developing RMT Treatment Plans
  • Medicinal Plants and Healing Substances Used for RMT and External Applications
  • Working in a Multi-Disciplinary Team

  • Exercises in Inner Development
  • Art and Eurythmy
  • In the Heart — the loom of Feeling
    In the Head — the light of Thinking
    In the Limbs — the strength of Will.
    Weaving of radiant Light,
    Strength of the Weaving,
    Light of the surging Strength:
    Lo, this is Man!

    — Rudolf Steiner, ECCE HOMO

    figure eight color chalk illustration on principles of rhythmical massage therapy and the body

    Training Information

    The prerequisite for the Rhythmical Massage Therapy training is the completion of 500 hours in an accredited therapeutic massage training, or licensure in a health care profession such as nursing, physiotherapy, or medicine. Students currently pursuing certification in one of these above areas are welcome to inquire. Introductions to the work will be held in various regions around the country.

    For more information about RMT training please contact us.

    A New Training Opportunity In Rhythmical Massage Therapy 2022

    Integrated with Foundation Course in Anthroposophic Nursing & Anthroposophic Homecare Course

    Camphill Soltane, Glenmoore, Pennsylvania

    Training in Rhythmical Massage Therapy has been restructured to integrate a Foundation Course in Anthroposophic Nursing and Anthroposophic Homecare. The Anthroposophic understanding of the human being in health and illness, therapeutic modalities, and inner development of the practitioner bridge into all aspects of this training.

    Upon completion of the four-module Foundation Course in Anthroposophic Nursing offered by NAANA, health care providers have the option to continue their training in Rhythmical Massage Therapy through the Rhythmical Massage Therapy Association of North America (RMTA of NA).

    RMTA Training Schedule 2024-2026

    The course content will follow guidelines for training as outlined by the International Forum for Rhythmical Massage Therapy (IFRMT) in the Manual for Accreditation for Basic, Further, and Advanced Training Courses in Rhythmical Massage Therapy as indicated by Dr. Ita Wegman.

    For more information about this integrated training, email Janice Balaskas at RMTAtraining@gmail.com

    The RMTA of NA is a member of the Anthroposophic Health Association (AHA), the interdisciplinary association for anthroposophic therapies in North America, (anthroposophichealth.org), and the International Forum for Rhythmical Massage Therapy (IFRMT). The course will seek accreditation with the IFRMT. The IFRMT is a member of the International Medical Section at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland.

    Foundation Course in Anthroposophic Nursing & Anthroposophic Homecare Course

    Training Modules 1 – 4 are administered by the North American Anthroposophic Nurses Association (NAANA)
    Tuition is $900 for each 6-day module
    Early registration deadline for a discount of $75 for Module 1 is June 1, 2022
    A member discount of $75 will be applied for NAANA members


    Karen Alderfer, RN, BSN, ANS, RE
    Janice Balaskas, RN, ANS, RES, RM

    The Foundation Course in Anthroposophic Nursing and Anthroposophic Home Care Course is given in four six-day modules over two years in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania. The training will address the fundamental principles of Anthroposophy, extending particularly to the Anthroposophic view of the human being in health and illness and support of processes of care and healing.

    This course provides an introduction to the three-fold, four-fold, seven-fold, and twelve-fold dynamic relationships of the human being, and of their practical application in nursing care and therapeutic support. Equally important to the practical applications is the path of inner development of the nurse, therapist, and caregiver that elevates how we think, feel and enact our work to its highest potential. This aspect will accompany all of the practical work.

    The Training Includes:

    1. External Applications of compresses and poultices
    2. Therapeutic baths such as footbaths, sounding washing, and oil dispersion baths
    3. Rhythmical Einreibungen according to Wegman/Hauschka — a gentle application of therapeutic oils working with the flow of body forms and processes to support health and well-being.
    4. The Anthroposophic Nursing Process as a path of inner development of the nurse, therapist, and caregiver.

    The Foundation Course in Anthroposophic Nursing and Anthroposophic Homecare Course is open to Registered Nurses, other health care providers & all interested individuals.

    At the completion of each module, Registered Nurses receive a Certificate of Attendance in NAANA’s Foundation Course in Anthroposophic Nursing. Other healthcare providers receive a Certificate of Attendance in NAANA’s Anthroposophic Homecare Course.

    For more information on NAANA please visit North American Anthroposophic Nurses Association