Saturn & Spleen: Guardians Of The Self

On-Line Continuing Education Conference for Rhythmical Massage Therapists


October 15-17, 2021
Jointly Hosted By:
The Rhythmical Massage Therapy Association of North America
The North American Anthroposophic Nurses Association

Saturn & Spleen

Saturn is the most distant of the classical planet of our solar system. Its slow movement at the outermost boundary of the planetary spheres is an indication of its foundational influence on an individual human life. Saturn is connected to the strength and stability of our bony structure as well as to the blood renewing forces of our innermost marrow. Saturn’s influence also extends into the highly spiritual organ of the ego organization – the Spleen.

saturn voyager 1 nasa photo

Voyager 1 color-enhanced image of Saturn taken on October 18, 1980, 25 days before closest approach. Photo Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The Spleen’s dynamics in the body are entirely focused on establishing and maintaining the inner household through the blood and the digestive system. Working via rhythmical signatures, the spleen navigates the transformation of self and non-self. To that end, karmic events, allergies, autoimmune illnesses, and cancers are all fundamentally Saturn–Spleen illnesses.

saturn rings nasa photo

Photo Credit: NASA

Alan Thewless will open the conference by introducing to the being of Saturn and illustrating this through the Grimm’s fairy tale of Faithful John. Karen Derreumaux will introduce eurythmy gestures to support our connection with Saturn and our Spleen through movement. On Saturday and Sunday, Dr. James Dyson will lead us through embryology, anatomy, and physiology to understanding Spleen’s role in physical and soul health and illness.

Faithful John Illustration by Walter Crane

Illustration by Walter Crane (1845-1915)

Rhythmical Massage Therapy of North America Saturn and Spleen Conference Schedule October 15-17-2021

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Saturn & Spleen: Guardians Of The Self

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Our Conference Presenters

Dr. James Dyson

James Dyson, MD, was co-founder of Park Attwood, a registered residential and out-patient medical facility in North Stourbridge, England. He worked at the clinic as an anthroposophic physician from 1979 to 2003. James’ areas of special interest are developmental psychology and adult mental health. Between 2003 and 2008, he studied Applied Psychosynthesis Psychology at the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London, culminating in a Masters Degree from Middlesex University.

James is a co-founder and faculty member of both the Association For Anthroposophic Psychology (AAP) in the USA and the Professional and Personal Development Training in Mental Health at Emerson College in the UK. He is also a faculty member of the International Training in Anthroposophical Medicine (English Language). James is a consulting physician for Waldorf Schools and centers for Curative Education and Social Therapy. He is a prolific lecturer of Rudolf Steiner’s body of work in the healing fields.

Alan Thewless
Waldorf Class Teacher, Author

Alan Thewless was a Waldorf Class Teacher in Wales and England for 15 years. In 2002 he moved to the USA and worked as a Curative Educator at Camphill Communities for the following 14 years. He is a student of Astrosophy for over 30 years and regularly writes, gives courses, presentations, and consultations on this subject internationally. He is the author of the Holy Nights Journal, a journal that offers a pathway of contemplation through the Holy Nights, focusing on the star charts formed at each midnight.

Alan developed his deep interest in the healing properties of music through training in Music at the Dorian School of Music Therapy, and subsequently crafting musical instruments for children and adults that are available through Tir-anna Musical Instruments. For over 20 years Alan has been involved in the work of the Eckersley Shakespeare Trust. This Trust is devoted to research into the numerical and geometrical structure of Shakespeare’s Plays since this background came to light through the work of the late Sylvia Eckersley in the latter part of the 20th century.

Karen Derreumaux

Karen Derreumaux was born and raised in Norway between the lakes and the fjords. In 1974 she left her homeland for England. There, she completed her Eurythmy training in 1984. She is teaching Groupwork, Facilitation, and Conflict Resolution at the Camphill Academy in upstate New York. Karen has engaged with the work of William Bento since 1996 and completed the 4-year Psychosophy Seminar in 2004. She has practiced Social Therapeutic work in Camphill Centers in England, France, Norway, and the USA for a total of 28 years. Karen is a freelance eurythmist, giving courses in her local area of upstate New York, in a variety of contexts, and also across the country. She is also serving as an adjunct faculty and eurythmist for the Association for Anthroposophic Psychology. She is married and has three grown sons.

Saturn & Spleen: Guardians Of The Self


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