”We cannot improve [medical materialism] by doing this or that as individuals, but only if a great number of people close ranks and unite their will power to establish methods that allow spiritual principles to penetrate into medicine” — Ita Wegman, MD


RMTA of NA plays an integral part in a national and international network, promoting anthroposophic medicine worldwide. Nationally, we are part of the Anthroposophic Health Association. AHA brings together and supports doctors, naturopaths, nurses, psychologists, art therapists, eurythmy therapists, and music therapists for training and integrated work opportunities in North America. Internationally, we are part of a community of Rhythmical Massage Associations hailing from 12 different countries. We are also a part of an international body coordinating and promoting a diverse range of anthroposophic therapies and training worldwide. For more details please see our organizational structure below.

International Coordination of Anthroposophic Medicine (IKAM) Organizational Chart

The Goetheanum Centre for The School of Spiritual Science, Dornach, Switzerland. Click on chart for larger view.

International Coordination of Anthroposophic Medicine 5-Multi Disciplinary Care Areas

The Representative of Humanity, wood carving by Rudolf Steiner

Supporting Anthroposophic Therapies of North America (AHA)

The Mercury Planetary Seal created by Rudolf Steiner
Anthroposophic Health Association (AHA)