About Us

“In healing, we must proceed not from the histological or microscopic diagnosis, but from the great universal connections.” 
— Rudolf Steiner

Our Mission

The Rhythmical Massage Therapy Association of North America (RMTA of NA) promotes human health and well-being through the practice of Rhythmical Massage Therapy as indicated by Ita Wegman, MD and Margarethe Hauschka, MD.

comos or blackhole
eye of a hurricane viewed from space
oceanic spiral wave
Queen Anne’s Lace flower spiral


  • Promote and expand the presence of RMT in health and wellness care.
  • Increase the number of professional Rhythmical Massage Therapists.
  • Develop the community of Rhythmical Massage Therapists through peer support, continuing education, research projects, and internships.
  • Foster collaboration between RMTA of NA and other organizations or initiatives working in harmony with rhythmic life processes manifest in nature and the human being.
  • Educate the public on the benefits of Rhythmical Massage Therapy and its therapeutic efficacy.

Current Activities

  • The RMTA coordinates an annual continuing education conference for graduates of RMT Training.
  • Rhythmical Massage Therapy Newsletter is circulated annually.
  • AHA membership and newsletters are included in annual dues.
  • Training of new therapists is an ongoing commitment.
  • Incorporating a portion of the RMT instruction with the annual Anthroposophical Health Association Training.

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of RMTA of NA

If you are interested in becoming a member of RMTA of NA or would like to support our organization, please download our membership form.