About Us

“In healing, we must proceed not from the histological or microscopic diagnosis, but from the great universal connections.” 
— Rudolf Steiner

Our Mission

The Rhythmical Massage Therapy Association of North America (RMTA of NA) promotes human health and well-being through the practice of Rhythmical Massage Therapy as indicated by Ita Wegman, MD and Margarethe Hauschka, MD.

comos or blackhole
eye of a hurricane viewed from space
oceanic spiral wave
Queen Anne’s Lace flower spiral


  • Promote and expand the presence of RMT in health and wellness care.
  • Increase the number of professional Rhythmical Massage Therapists.
  • Develop the community of Rhythmical Massage Therapists through peer support, continuing education, research projects, and internships.
  • Foster collaboration between RMTA of NA and other organizations or initiatives working in harmony with rhythmic life processes manifest in nature and the human being.
  • Educate the public on the benefits of Rhythmical Massage Therapy and its therapeutic efficacy.

Current Activities

  • The RMTA coordinates an annual continuing education conference for graduates of RMT Training.
  • Rhythmical Massage Therapy Newsletter is circulated annually.
  • AHA membership and newsletters are included in annual dues.
  • Training of new therapists is an ongoing commitment.
  • Incorporating a portion of the RMT instruction with the annual Anthroposophical Health Association Training.

Membership in RMTA

If you are interested in joining RMTA-NA, becoming a member and/or supporting our organization is easy. You may join by printing a membership form and mailing it with your dues, or you may join online via PayPal. Please follow the instructions outlined below.

Traditional Membership and Donations

1) Open our membership form and type in your details by clicking here.

2) Print your completed membership form.

3) Include your payment and physically mail both as instructed on the membership form.

Online Membership and Donations

1) Open our membership form and type in your details by clicking here.

2) Complete the form online and email to: info@rhythmicalmassagetherapy.org

3) Make payment for your membership and donations through PayPal. Use the button links below. Note: Making a membership payment and a donation requires two PayPal transactions.

for practicing, trained Rhythmical Massage Therapists
$75 USD

for everyone else who wishes to support Rhythmical Massage Therapy
$55 USD