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The Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training is for practitioners who seek to enhance their massage skills through the knowledge of Anthroposophy. Anthroposophy is a spiritual-scientific path of knowledge and self-transformation founded by the Austrian philosopher Rudolph Steiner. The curriculum weaves lectures and the study of the human being with massage practice, movement exercises, observation of nature and artistic explorations.

Through the training, students will refine their ability to perceive phenomena, listen with their hands to subtle rhythms of the body, and engage the elements, the ethers and the inherent healing forces in the human being.

Areas of Study

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  • Cosmology
  • Embryology
  • General Study in Anthroposophy and Anthroposophic Medicine
  • The 4 Elements, the 4 Ethers and the 4-Fold Human Being
  • The 3-Fold Human Being (Nerve-Sense, Rhythmic and Metabolic Limb Systems)
  • The 7 Life Processes, the Planets, the Organ Systems
  • The 12 Senses and the Zodiac
  • Polarities in Health and Illness
  • Goethean Observation (Plant and Water Studies)
  • Medicinal plants and healing substances used for external applications
  • Art and Eurythmy